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If I install it in UE4, it works again in FL. But I can not install it in UE4. I have tried reinstallation all updatas and all GFWL, nothing works. Its not about the tech thing. It just doesn’t work. I did everything I can think. I have tried uninstall it, reinstall it, I have tried uninstall all GFWL, I have tried uninstall install it again. I have tried restart the game, restart my computer, etc. Its not for tech questions. Its about a bug. When the game launches it says “Unable to set device to “First-Person Controller,” please set it before connecting to net.” I know it is a bug but I can’t uninstall/reinstall it. It wont work. It is annoying. Hi, I’ve installed it and it works fine. But I have an old hard drive that’s connected via SATA (no UE3) – I can’t play it in that machine, even though I have the same video card and everything. The next best thing I can do is hook the machine up to the router – there’s an old machine on the other side that connects via ethernet – but then I’m dealing with cable + router speed issues. @Mikael Please elaborate on your “Granular” issues with the controller please. I’ve also just started working on this myself. My controller doesnt seem to have this issue for some reason. But the initial install of the controller work fine, but when I boot up the first time. I get the message saying it can’t be used. Then I go to the console (c:>enable sio) and type in the commands provided there. The controller seems to have its work correctly. Then, when I reinstall the controller, it starts working again. I think it might be an issue with flax and his controller. I don’t seem to have these issues with my controller. When I boot up the game for the first time, it says it doesn’t recognize the controller and prompts me to set it. If I do that it works fine. If I want to restart it, I have to enable sio (or whatever you call it) to reload the configuration. I have had the




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